Days for artist 2019-2020

for artists, architects and all those interested in developing an artistic relationship within their field of work.

from 28th December 2019
until 1st January 2020

During these special days in which the year 2019 comes to an end and 2020 begins, we will be concerned among other things with some concrete research into how the individuality of an artist, and their subject matter, can grow and radiate to become a force with universal effect. Particular attention can be given to the clear use of spiritual thoughts, so that these can be given a perceptible expression in the work of art. The theme for the days will emerge from participants’ interests and areas of activity. We can consider the world situation, our contribution to world peace, or our relationship to nature and the environment, because whatever an individual strives for, achieves and implements artistically has a direct significance and effect on the world outside.

So that the days can be shaped, and the themes can be built up through a rhythmic collaboration of all those present, artistic contributions and talks are welcome. Heinz Grill has agreed to moderate these, speak about their spiritual correlations, and lead meditations. Soul-exercises and some yoga asanas are planned as additional activities for these days and there is the opportunity and space for content-related dialogue and conversation.


Location and arrival:
The artists’ days take place in the little village Lundo in Italy. Lundo is located in a valley near Arco/Lake Garda and it is reachable over the motorway Brenner Pass. From Trento you need still 45 minutes to Lundo. Vide maps. On request it is possibly to send a precise description for the arrival.

The overnight stay:
On request it is possibly to send also a list with various hotels and guest-houses around Lundo.