Studying at the free spiritual university

Daily study programm

  • Ongoing study, 7 days a week, with different instructors
  • Yoga, text work, soul exercises, spiritual seeing, ecology, future perspectives
  • Retrospective evening session
  • Partly in moderation with the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill

Current study topic

The current content covered at the university:


Structure of the Study – the 4 Levels of Participation

Yoga teacher training programme

The three-year yoga teacher training programme takes place every 6 weeks in Lundo/Naone. It is structured in such a way that enrolment is possible at any time. The contents of the New Yoga Will are developed practically.

The yoga training days

The yoga training days include an intensive yoga practice lasting several hours. It is usually led by Heinz Grill and trained yoga teachers.
Learn more about participation and registration at: Yoga und Soziale Kompetenz/Yoga and Societal Competence, Yoga und Soziale Kompetenz

Next training sessions, each in a module of 2:
4./5. May & 1./2. June 2024
7./8. September & 5./6. October 2024

specialised training

The specialised training courses are offered three times a year. They are cross-style.

Next specialised training courses 2024:
04. – 07. July (summer)
07. – 10. November (autumn)

Housing Culture

Houses & Housing Culture in the Regeneration Village, Lundo, Trentino, northern Italy


Yoga according to the New Yoga Will, text work, soul exercises, meditation, future perspectives, nutrition