Regeneration and study

Regeneration and study through healthy activity

Experience has shown that regeneration occurs most easily when a harmonious balance of restorative activity and recovery is established. The basic idea of regeneration is not to look for a solution within oneself, but to start directly with an outward orientation, with activities that exceed previous possibilities. Particularly suitable for this are thoughts that carry a soul-spiritual substance and can be developed directly into new sensations. In a lively exchange and within the encounter with the spiritual teacher Heinz Grill, various thoughts are moved and processed.

Regeneration stays are possible on an ongoing basis.
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Due to the ever-increasing stress, suggestions and manipulations in today’s world, the question of regeneration is no longer a question of recovery for all people in almost all professional groups, but rather a vital question of how the individual’s strength and integrity can be rebuilt and stabilised. Every person has the capacity to release regenerative powers immediately and at any time.

In practical terms, this can take place in connection with aesthetic forms of movement, reading texts and contemplation exercises, through the artistic design of outdoor facilities or woodwork or mountain hikes. All activities promote the ability to look calmly and think perceptively.

The solution is therefore not sought within one’s own problem or emergency situation, but in new thoughts and feelings that enable a natural revitalisation and a new beginning. All learning and development can only begin on the outside, in the thing you want to learn. Just as one cannot learn a foreign language from within oneself, but must perceive and study the grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation very precisely and originally from the outside, regeneration does not find an anchor point in the old familiar, but in an expansion of previous abilities and in turning towards desirable ideas and ideals that not only bring an advantage for the individual, but have a general validity for people and are beneficial for social life.

By learning to establish an objective reference to the outside world, the individual begins to re-found himself in his own position. As an observer, he calmly confronts a thing or the content of a thought and naturally assumes his own position, a healthy individual stance.

The observed object, be it a text, a natural phenomenon or a person, is also emphasised and enlivened by being perceived in its existence, and in this way has an effect back on the observer. This active approach also expands one’s own ability to relate and communicate.