Lundo a Place of Regeneration – Trentino – Northern Italy

The main meeting place is the small Italian mountain village of Lundo north of Lake Garda. The peace of Lundo makes it an ideal village for regeneration. The work in the Sun Oasis and University mainly takes place here.

The study programme takes place in various buildings in Lundo


The Casa artistica di Barbara is located above Lundo. It is a large stone house with lots of large glass windows located in an isolated woodland clearing 1000 m above sea level. It is possible to drive half the distance to a small car park, the second half of the way is on foot. Naone – an ecological project and University Campus in an idyllic, quiet natural setting – detailed information on this building and its outdoor facilities can be found at:

Participation requirements, registering and daily schedule for the study programme

For further information on participation requirements, enrolment and daily schedule, please see:

The 4 levels of participation

The study programme

Information about accommodation in the surrounding area is available on request.

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Tel.: 0049-(0)1575-3558959

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Association for the Promotion of Spiritual and Social Cultural Impulses

The events at the University are supported by the Association for the Promotion of Spiritual and Social Cultural Impulses. It is an international association based in Switzerland. The University is run on the basis of voluntary participant contributions at the participants’ own discretion.

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