The 4 Levels of Participation

1. Stay without participation, visit and possible regenerative activities on an independent basis

The area around Lundo and Naone has been made into a regenerative place. Visitors can come and have a look at the regenerative space without participating in the study. They can learn about the architecture and, if they wish, partake in a vegetarian meal. Places to sleep are available each with a different design element and these offer the visitor a specific experience.

2. Minimal participation in the study programme at the spiritual college

The study always includes spiritual content with varying emphases. Those who do not want to completely commit, but would like to join in a few specific ideas on a topic of interest to them or join a particular class, can stay in the sun oasis for one to three days without signing up to a course. As a prerequisite for this, it is important to know at least one of Heinz Grill’s books.

3. Subscription to the study programme

In general, spiritual study can be of great regenerative value and can raise a person’s life to a high quality for the future. Regular participation throughout the year enables new life forces and perspectives to awakening. The activity in the study is not a passive taking in of information, not an input, but a joint creative shaping and learning process. This creative process is what particularly distinguishes a spiritual study programme.

4. Full responsibility over the content of the study and the attitude to life

Participation and partial or complete living in the Sun Oasis requires taking over complete responsibility of spiritual goals and thosse who apply for this level of participationmust take on the various corrections that seem appropriate. Certain content-ful conditions are required for this. These are, for example, the ability to hold dialogue, the ability to constructively criticise, knowledge of the content of spiritual laws, freedom from dependencies, diligence in striving towards higher goals and sufficient life experience.