Heinz Grill

Heinz Grill relates spirituality directly to the content of life – free from religious confessions and beliefs. He describes a person who is able to develop a deep spiritual relationship with the most diverse areas of life and thus edify his soul life. Heinz Grill describes not what one receives in life, but what one gives, develops and makes available to others, humanity and the greater whole as what a person really is in their soul.

The heart centre is the place where content is given shape, the site of the ability to face life on the one hand with calm, but on the other hand with a high level of activity.

Heinz Grill

The Spiritual Training Path

At the center of the Spiritual Training Path is the consciously creating and realising a sense of meaning.

The conscious creation of meaning and sense, which happens through one’s own thinking, and develops its order in pictorial, calm experiencing, raises the path of training to its relational and warm expression that is representative of the heart.

Heinz Grill

Creating life with content – the synthesis of spirit and world

He has developed content for various areas of life, for yoga, architecture, nutrition, interior design and climbing.Spaces should appeal to people’s senses and interest, and remove boundaries, so that people are inspired by architecture and experience themselves in a larger, cosmic context.

The harmonious room design, slightly dome-shaped, with clear mathematical calculations and proportional proportions, makes rooms very welcoming and gives a first impression that a room is not only isolated, but represents a unit with the cosmos.

Heinz Grill as a Climber and Yoga Practitioner

In yoga, Heinz Grill has so far emphasised the importance of a conscious relationship with the yoga exercises. It is not the exercise itself, but the conscious and content-related examination of the exercise that makes it possible to develop a deeper soul experience and spiritual connection to the yoga postures. A clear and artistic awareness of the posture then comes to life in the yoga exercises. Heinz Grill expresses this spiritual, mental and artistic attitude in the yoga postures.

Heinz Grill, for example, can look back on over 120 climbing routes in the Sarca Valley and over 50 Dolomite tours that he has created over the years together with climbing friends. He emphasises the conscious experience of the shapes and lines of a climbing route.