Sun oasis

What is the Sun Oasis project?

The term “Sonnenoase” (Sun Oasis) was created by the spiritual teacher and writer Heinz Grill a little less than two years ago. He used it to name the ecological spiritual project in Naone (in Trentino, northern Italy) – a spiritual project free of any confession or religion. By sun oasis, however, Heinz Grill does not only mean the location of the project in Lundo. In his article Heinz Grill refers with this term, as he says, to the inner efficacy and the possible, creative processes of becoming in people.

“I want to give the name Sun Oasis out of an understanding of the inner efficacy and the possible creative processes of becoming that people carry within themselves.”

Heinz Grill

Naone – The study house and its outdoor area, which is mainly designed with stones, are independently located in a large forest clearing

The Sun Oasis describes a place where people work together productively and socially integratively. Ideas are thought, felt and implemented in a wide variety of areas, whether in the construction and design of interior and exterior spaces, in the preparation of a meal, in the baking of bread, in the design of a yoga exercise, in the contemplation of plants or landscapes, or in reading and recitation.

Why the term “sun”?

“The human sun forces must rise as spiritual creative forces through independent development of spirituality.”

Heinz Grill

If people not only know how to do something, but have also achieved and realised something as human beings, then they also radiate this and represent it with their whole personalities. They are authentic and appear authentic. In the Sun Oasis, people does not only learn theoretical knowledge, but they puts spiritual ideals into practice directly and practically in various fields.

How do individuals cooperate in the sun oasis?

“Thoughts and feelings with morality highstanding values, that are future-oriented, form the root force for every development.”

Heinz Grill

In the Sun Oasis people pursue a common goal and work together productively. Heinz Grill calls this cooperation the social process.

“It is significant, however, that the Sun Oasis can on the one hand be thought of in one place, but on the other hand, if one relates it entirely to modern times, it can be location-independent. It is sustained by the people who meet with spirituality, directed towards the same aims.”

Heinz Grill

All quotes by Heinz Grill are taken from his article: The Sun Oasis