The well established artists’ days are happening again in Lundo and Naone

will be our theme during these days as the year draws to an end, and we will work intensively at the way in which spiritual content, in the future, can really come to be practically implemented and shaped outwardly, right into its profound meaning, so that it can contribute to world balance and peace.

Stone path in the grounds of Naone.

Creatively designing a meal out of an idea, such as, for example, how to prepare a light-filled, structured meal that brings people into relationship, prompts them to look at it, and radiates joy.

Establishing good collaboration and interaction, the result of which can also be looked at afterwards.

Shaping the body thoroughly in a yoga exercise until a beautiful and harmonious form comes to expression.

Designing living spaces creatively. For example, thinking a future picture for a place and painting it on the wall; Lundo surrounded by golden corn-fields.

A portrait painted on the wall brings a spiritual force into the living space, for example, an expression that comes towards the viewer with light and gentleness.

As a human being, developing an attitude of courage, a capacity for uprightness, an alertness, wisdom and the capacity to face life in a constructive and furthering way in all situations.